Light Language Workshop

Light Language Workshop

This is a two day workshop, where you will learn to channel Light Language.  You will connect to your Higher Self as well as a High Level Guide that will work with you as you begin to channel.  

You will learn how to channel Light Language through sound, movement and through writing/drawing.  You will also work through each Chaka with movement and chant, so self heal on a very deep level.

Light Language will change your life.  This vibrational tool is hugely transformational as well as rapid.  When used in healing, it is a powerful activation and clearing tool.  Through intention, it can support your spiritual development and connection on a very deep level.

Everyone is able to channel Light Language and once attuned to this powerful tool both self healing and the healing of others will be hugely amplified.

Course Prerequisites

No previous training is neccessary for this course

Course Details

Dates all times are GMT

This course is delivered over 2 days of roughly 3 hours each day.


Next Class Dates 


March Friday 31st and Saturday 1st April

Course Cost




Upon Completion You Will Be Emailed Your Certificate From the 
Tranquil Garden Academy.

Light Language Workshop

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