Introduction To Dragon Energy

Connect to the incredibly powerful and humble beings and allow their healing energy to become part of your practice.

Casca Graham

Founder, Principal and International Spiritual Teacher

About The Course

5 Week Course

Invite the Dragon Realm into your life to support your own healing and the healing of the world around you.

Legend is true, when it speaks of Dragons guarding treasure.  The treasure they protect is us as well as the hidden magic and mysteries of the world.

The Dragons work closely with the Angels and are constantly working towards the highest good of all.  The Dragons are always ready to assist us and all we need to do is ask.  They are powerful enough to manifest anything.  Unlike us, Dragons, do not have free will.  Their role is to fully support God/Source to serve the planet, animal kingdom and humans.

Dragons are elementals.  This means that they are part of a large group of beings that do not consist of all four elements.  The four elements are water, air, fire and earth.  Dragons can be one part, two parts or even three but they can never be all four.   

During this course, you will deepen your knowledge of the Dragon Realm.  You will meet your Dragon/Dragons and you will gain insight into how to connect to the Elemental Dragons and gain assistance in how to work with their powerful abilities.

What You Will Learn

Week 1

What and who are Dragons
5th Dimensional Dragons
Meet Your Dragon

Week 2

Earth Dragons

Week 3

Air Dragons

Week 4

Fire Dragons

Week 5

Water Dragons

Upon Completion You Will Be Emailed Your Certificate From the 
Tranquil Garden Academy.

Introductory Course on Introduction To Dragon Energy

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