Chi Ball Workshop

Chi Balls or Energy Balls are the epitome of magic and healing.  These powerful balls can be used for so much and when used with the right intention are able to deliver profound and powerful healing, anywhere, anytime and to anyone in need.  These amazing balls are perfect when working with children to encourage them to self heal and are also hugely beneficial as teaching clients and students to work in the present moment.  Chi Balls are also wonderful for distant attunements and do not have an expiry date, so the healing is eternal.

This workshop is taught over 1 day and spaces are limited.

Workshop Prerequisites

No previous training is necessary for this Workshop

Course Details

Dates all times are GMT

This course is delivered over 1 day, lasting roughly 3-4 hours, depending on group size.


Next Class Dates 


March Friday 10th 

Course Cost




Upon Completion You Will Be Emailed Your Certificate From the 
Tranquil Garden Academy.

Chi Ball Workshop

If You Are Interested In Offering The Chi Ball Workshop at Your Establishment, Please Use The Contact Form Below.