Casca Joeline Graham

International Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Coach

“Our main purpose is to live our truth and be connected to our authentic self.  The way to do this is by unclogging and releasing all blockages and fears, which hold us back. We will then rise up, shine and live powerfully.”

Casca, was born and raised in South Africa, until she was eighteen and then relocated to the UK, due to a calling. She has lived in the UK, ever since and has devoted her entire life to education and spiritual development. She is the founder and principal of the Tranquil Garden Academy and teaches many of her courses internationally and online. Casca is an Angelic Dragon Master and spiritual teacher and has developed a deep affinity with sharing the incredible healing energies of both the Angels and Dragons. She also works deeply with the Ascended Masters and Galactic healers as well as various Elementals. She works with the energies of Gaia and apart from the United Kingdom, is connected to Iceland and various location in in the US.

Having a background in education has meant that Casca holds the valuable keys to working with children and teens. She has started up another alternative provision, in Havering, UK, called Art Mind and Soul. This is a school, where young people can attend, if mainstream does not suit their learning style. This provision allows all the students to achieve, regardless of their needs and the curriculum is designed solely around their individual requirements. Wellbeing techniques are imbedded into the framework, so all learners develop, on every level, not just coursework.

Casca’s deep devotion to spirituality, and the planet has meant that she is able to guide, educate and shine her light, supporting everyone to do the same.

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